Keys to Securing Market Intelligence

It is important to be knowledgeable about markets and expertise in the industry if you manage portfolios of investments.

Many fund managers and private equity companies, and private placement companies which are both small and large, possess either in-house expertise or utilize the services of industry advisors to offer and enhance insights into markets and players that is not often found though traditional research. Numerous national expertise companies exist to provide platforms for fund managers and analysts to tap into this knowledge base and acquire the data required to fill in gaps and enhance their understanding of the businesses and industries with which they hold shares or are seeking entry.

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A lot of investment firms keep an inventory of experts in the industry that they can reach out to at any time. This is a useful and lucrative method. A lot of firms specialize in particular areas or regions and can provide quick and pertinent information to customers for quick telephone consultations. The company’s data is generally stored in-house to cover the main sectors and markets that are relevant to the financial profile of the firm and clients.

There are many reams of information on the internet however, a lot of it requires a lot of research and scrutiny to be considered valuable. The source of a lot of this data comes from companies that have not actively participated in these markets and typically comes from study of financial statements as well as resources that are available on the internet. There are also surveys conducted by industry experts and produce reports that are available to purchase.

The other factor in online research is time. Timing is crucial. The sooner you have the confidence to make informed decisions, the higher your chance of success.

In the case of investment choices, it’s often better to seek advice from people who have firsthand experience in the industry that is in question. This information may include insight on the company’s leadership as well as market share and pricing and new products in development, expansion estimates, industry exposures, and confidence and confirmation of forecasts for the future and forward estimates.

The ability to know is essential to success in today’s economy. All the information you need is at your fingertips to help your business and your clients.

Concrete Results provides support and guidance to fund managers, private placement, private equity, investment analysts, equity traders and government investment managers particularly in the markets which include concrete, cement, aggregates, infrastructure, and transportation. A lot of clients managing international investment in these markets have found our knowledge and practical experience invaluable.

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