Paint, Paint, Paint – Oil Painting At Home


You will never be too young or too old to start painting when you have a desire. He has creative and artistic abilities in many art forms, not just oil paintings and watercolors. If you want to paint and be patient while learning and learning the techniques your paints can do for you, you are making a picture that you are proud of and want to share with others. Use your imagination to find a place ready to paint, whether in the basement, in the garage, or on the outside porch. This article describes the basics of what you need to get started with painting. If you’re interested enough, there are other articles about painting with watercolors, not just oil paints. I love both of you equally. Completely different materials and technologies.
Before you start painting, start by collecting what you need.

I need something to paint. Canvas Canvas, available in different sizes. We recommend starting with a small but comfortable size (16×20) that is neither too small nor too large. You can bulk, off-the-shelf, buy, or stretch your own canvas if you want.
Next, you need a donkey to paint. Donkeys come in many shapes. Table tops, stands, aluminum, wood, etc. If you are really interested in starting painting as a hobby, it is advisable to pay a lot of money for something that is resistant. Your needs when drawing a picture. If you plan to take larger pictures, don’t buy a table. Standing donkeys are good for standing and looking at pictures. Also, the angle and height will be almost the same as when hanging on the wall.
Brushes-Choosing the right brushes is very important and can make a big difference in the quality of the finished work. Buy a brush for oil painting. Most oil painters stand up when they paint, so the brushes need to be long. If you want to do very fine details, it’s best to buy a black hairbrush and the brush strokes aren’t too bad. I also want to buy art quality brushes instead of cheap pig hair brushes. The results show the quality of the brushes used. There are many types of brushes. Hazelnuts, rounds, fans, liners, 1 “, 2” …. etc. Also, you should always take care of your brushes when cleaning and storing them. Use odorless thinner. You can also buy conditioner for brushes. Store it flat, or at least in a place where your hair does not harden. Visit:-
Paints (oils): Oil paints are available from various manufacturers. Uses Bob Ross paints and consumables. I think your paints are creamy and easy to handle. I suggest you get one of their beginner or teacher sets to get you started. Paint is very expensive and as you learn, you will find that you don’t use as much paint as you did at the beginning. There is very little you really need. These kits have many color pigments to choose from, so they also include the basic colors you need. Buy paint based on what you want to draw. If you intend to paint a landscape, you don’t want to buy floral paints.
Odorless thinner: Odorless thinner if painted before knowing the odor of turpentine or solvent. It does the job well and has almost no odor. Paint pallet sheet: A pallet sheet is essential, especially if it snows, damages mountains, or cuts water lines. The size and shape are different, so please purchase depending on what you apply.
Palettes: There are different types of palettes for keeping paint. There are disposable sheets, plastic and wood that are thrown away only when the paint is finished. I usually overpaint the palette and put a wrap or aluminum foil on top of the paint and put it in the freezer. The paint becomes hard and unwieldy if left untouched.
Medium and Gesso Liquids for Painting: Medium and Gesso, these elements really help your painting. Liquid media facilitates painting and helps to mix. Use liquid white to prepare the cloth, and you will be surprised, use very little. It can also be used to dilute white titanium paint when pouring water or snow into the mountains or mixing it with paint to accentuate it. Useful for pasting. Clear liquids are best for black or gray cloths. The same is true if there is no color. Gesso (water-based) is used to fill the canvas. Do not use your good brush to prepare your canvas. I use a cheap sponge brush and just throw it away when I’m done. Then allow the cloth to dry completely before working. It is usually offered in white, black and grey.
You’ll need a bunch of paper towels, a brush with a screen at the bottom, and a cloth if needed: a bunch of paper towels to use when painting.

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