World of Warcraft

It’s only better than World of Warcraft when the World of Warcraft is improved. The new Cataclysm extension introduces two new race types (although Horde and Alliance are around). The first addition to character development is to raise the level. Previously it was set to 80 levels, but now it has increased by 5 levels to 85 levels. Prior to this expansion, players couldn’t develop more than 80, but in the new dungeon area, maximum facilitation is achieved by using monsters that are not only more powerful, but also challenging and more difficult. Is promoted.

The new character introduced at launch is Deathwing the Destroyer, the dragon who escaped from the ground and destroyed AZELOS. In the aftermath of Deathwing the Destroyer, the old world has changed forever. From Ashevnvale to Twilight Highlands looks completely different. The screenshots of the changes show at least seven different new areas, including the Storm Wind Alliance Resort and Orc’s home. The news is very exciting and many players are looking forward to its launch. Visit:- Dragon City Guide
However, one of the most prominent areas displayed in Cataclysm is Vashjir. This is an underwater adventure with or without a queen. The most exciting feature of this level is that all combat and combat takes place underwater. This vast area provides combat for survival, and Alliance and Horde ships, as well as submarines, are introduced as new tools for combat. It all starts with an urgent message in a bottle floating on the sea!

The creators of Blizzard’s pseudonym World of Warcraft decided not to add a working class, but decided to offer players a combination of the two. For example, each race may receive a new scholarship to add to the rank (the other race will get two). New race combinations are Human Hunter, Orc Wizard, Night Elf Wizard, Dwarf Wizard, Elf Blood Warrior, Dwarf Sherman, Hunter of the Undead, Toren Paladin and Priest, Gnome Paladin and Troll Druid. .. .. These diverse combinations implement new search options and game types that enhance the unique and exciting gaming experience. The beta version of Cataclysm has been released, but invitations have only been sent to the press. Therefore, if you receive an invitation email, it is probably fake and should be removed before you endanger your system.

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