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There are spectacular events that everyone will want to attend as soon as they notice. The media is having a hard time getting an exclusive interview with you. Your opportunity leads you to an unimaginable level of fame and luck. It can happen! …There is a possibility… Well, probably not … but it’s possible to work with the media to make a successful press conference.
Press conferences are a great way to disseminate information about your event and cause, perhaps to increase ticket sales. Probably the best advice for meeting planners who want fine-grained control … you can’t control the media. You can only work with them and expect the best!

The days when the local media were actively searching for human stories in and around the community are over. Or it seems so. We often see nonsensical articles from other parts of the continent occupying valuable space in local newspapers. Local journalists are struggling to make a living within the supervision of the editor.
The news is no longer new. It’s funny, tragic, pseudo-educational and can try to manipulate you in a direction you’ve never thought of before. It may be blatantly self-promoting, opposed to something they don’t believe in, or you don’t want you to believe it. As a media editorial department that follows the owner’s instructions, and they in turn … who are we viewers / readers? It’s unlikely! These are probably sponsors who are paying a fortune to spread their message through their favorite media. If part of this argument is true, why would we want to rely on a press conference to spread our word? We don’t necessarily want to rely on them, but if they do what they are good at, they want to take advantage of what they can offer. Visit:-
As with any event planning scenario, most activities take place before the preparation for the press conference. Here are some practical tips to keep in mind as part of the planning process:

To be honest, is your event really worth the press? When we spend a lot of time and the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears to arrange an event, we tend to lose sight of what really matters and what doesn’t. Journalists are looking for something else. The better your case, the more likely they are to create an unforgettable and effective work on your behalf.
Media relations … not advertising! You are not paying journalists to create a promotion for you. Do I need to predetermine what “take-out” is for journalists and what I expect it to do? Useful tips:

Before the press conference:

If you are a recurring event organizer, or at least see some in the future, it is worth creating a “media list”. Start by editing a list of news from local newspapers, radio, television, local online news sites, locally produced magazines and circulations.
The next step is to create the list. Which of the previous media did you report to be similar to your media? If you use newspapers as an example and the event is related to seniors or business, is there a regular senior section or business section? It’s a waste of time for you and them to choose media that doesn’t fit your topic.
If there is a specific person for the “partner” you are trying to market, who is it and how can you reach it?
Create and distribute a media newsletter that details what you want the media to know about your event. This is your birthday party invitation. It gives them enough information to stimulate their curiosity about the event, but not enough for them to send your lecture and write about it through an agent, that is, without self-introduction. Create a media kit that can be distributed to each media contact on the day of the event. The media kit must include the announcement details, that is, the press release. It provides additional background information, such as who you can contact for more information, your website address, and your organization’s purpose. Basically, give them with a spoon the details they want to go through to complete the article. Make it easy for them!

Cross promotion! Use your social media. Local Facebook and LinkedIn groups are a great place to promote your next press conference or general purpose. You can post to your own group or others.
Choose a venue for your media event to help you see and hear. A recent media event I attended at the entrance to the main street of the City Hall was an enthusiastic city worker using a gas blower around a sidewalk a few meters from the opportunity, with the main presenter opening a commentary. It was interrupted by choosing the correct time. cleaning. I intervened and encouraged workers to do what they deserved

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