Social Media Mugging and Linking Up!

Internet marketing and social media are inextricably linked, and if you want to achieve the best results, you can’t join one without joining the other. But when rushing to chase the ball through relationship-building platforms like Twitter and Facebook, to name just a few, many messed up the process and actually made a mistake … on social networks. Internet marketing version of suicide.
I’ve been together ever since I heard an interesting phrase the other day when I was researching a new business. the term? “Robbery on social media!” I can’t remember where I heard it, so I think I should have written it. The interesting thing about this is that I received a lot of these things. They would have known that such seemingly mediocre phrases would continue to grow and lead their own lives in just a few years. Day. This phrase gives you an interesting image, right? The most interesting of these is that you often make money on a surprising number of different social media platforms. Unfortunately, many relationship-building apps and platforms are being invaded by a phenomenon called “social media attacks” to turn friends, followers, connections, etc. into dollars. This is what I call a “connection”. Especially regarding Twitter. In the last 24 hours, I’ve created, directed, starred, masks, toy guns, and “click on the link” for YouTube videos. Visit:-

Also? Maybe, but rare!

It’s interesting how the landscapes of different platforms on social media have been reformed, even in the opinion of many who have been damaged in trying to convert their followers into dollars. With the rise of various marketing groups on Facebook, it seems that they are actually mostly sold by marketers these days. Facebook, which I chatted with my high school friends, almost disappeared, and many of my high school friends also disappeared. Ironic height? A client hired me to investigate on Facebook the possibility of turning a friend into a customer of a local business. I have my own thoughts on the results, but this study is of interest to me because it is a symptom of the pathology that is currently affecting many social media … greedy.
Greedy and the 80’s

greedy! The term dates back to the 1980s and dates back to the Wall Street movement Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen. Insist on Michael Douglas, the board and shareholders, “greed is good! Greed is right!” For everyone. Greed may be good in a sense, but as the movie clearly shows, it is also corrupt, ultimately counterproductive, and even bad. But greed drives most of the business, and its corrupt effects manifest themselves in social media and what is now known as social media marketing.
It’s almost an oxymoron, isn’t it? Social media marketing!

To resist the impulse of all of us hall monitors, I tried to see it on both sides of the equation. Do you remember a high school monitor old enough to remind you of high school or high school? It feels like “I’ll report” that everyone hates. Do you know what a hall monitor means as a classic example of “power is damaged and absolute power is completely damaged”? Syndromes are occurring here and there on various relationship-building sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and several other sites. The typical reaction is to rebuke a kind of figurative slap of your will, first orally and in public. Then they stop following and eventually block you. It’s a social media version of “I speak” combined with anger. Because you haven’t decided on their mindset, the ideal vision of a social media utopia that everyone is free to connect with and no one wants. All kinds of profits. It’s different from the human and female communities.
In other words, social media Nirvana!

Fortunately, like the microcosm of the world we live in, relationship-building sites have different expressions, all in one big ball. Yes, it’s equipped with gang monitor types, greed, selfish and indifferent behavior, and more. In fact, social media is as close as possible to “everything for everyone.” What’s good about this? As Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, friendfeed, or any other change, evolve, marketers invade, or simply take new forms and fill new niches in the vast and ever-changing world of social media, others The platform will evolve to fill the gap. .. Ironically, Twitter and Facebook speak as if they represent the entire social network, but in reality they are only part of a very diverse whole, including v.

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