Medical Marijuana: Two Steps Forward

What makes it such an unstable topic about medical marijuana? Why is the same state that originally decriminalized the sale of cannabis to doctors now trying to impose so many restrictions on approved patients? For large legal advocates and companies selling products, there seems to be a constant dance between what is permitted and what is not.
Los Angeles lottery

Nearly 800 store windows were opened under the guise of becoming a pharmacy after California decriminalized the sale of medical marijuana. In May 2010, 439 of them were ordered to close by June 7 to comply with the ordinance. Reasons for the closure include distance from places where children gather, such as schools and parks, and exceeding the capacity.
The next step will include a city-wide lottery for the rest of the pharmacies. Only groups and pharmacies that have been operating since September 14, 2007 and have at least one original owner are eligible for the lottery. Since then, LA has informed the owners of another 140 stores that they must close the door and leave the city with 100 pharmacies. How has things changed dramatically, even when California is discussing the collection of taxes on the sale of medical marijuana pharmacies and growing co-operatives?
New Mexico: No measures yet. Visit:-

Governor Susana Martinez-R has raised the issue of abolishing medical marijuana legislation in New Mexico and is trying to address voters this year. This view follows the party line. Person in charge However, the bill’s sponsor, James Smith-R, withdrew the bill and replaced it with House Memorial 53 for the Ministry of Health’s impact investigation on the Medical Marijuana Act. For the time being, New Mexico residents will continue to have legal access to medical marijuana.
Trade restrictions

Medical marijuana pharmacies have been decriminalized, but this is no closer to their commercial solution. Unless the pharmacy is willing to operate only “cash”, it can be difficult to obtain the required business account, merchant account, and insurance coverage. It is marked with a creative language program that refers to the sale of “supplements” and “healthcare accessories.”
Banks and other financial institutions are also in dilemma. It’s a potentially large market, but it can be particularly difficult to get the invoices you need because of the threat of federal prosecution for drug crimes.
There is one thing that is clear from this little waltz. Not only does it need to set standards for those who have legal jurisdiction over the sale of marijuana for medical purposes, but also whether companies that do business with real suppliers are protected from retaliation. Unfair.

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