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This is the second and closing of my articles.
In “Blog Marketing Overstoltage Tactics” which
Blogger amateur to the speed on the way to become
A superior professional blogger – while making money consistent
Online. In Part 1 read and learn and learn about the first.
3 Blog marketing strategies below.
Blog strategy # 1: Web hosting or free blogs? Blog Marketing Strategy # 2: NIS Business Blog Marketing
Blog Marketing Strategy # 3: Highly Specific Blog Traffic

Please join me as long as you continue to reveal the remaining 3.
“Blog Marketing Surge Tactics” and strategies – at this time!

Blog Marketing Strategy # 4: Blog content management and updates

At the publishing of online content on your blogs, you will have
To achieve original content but if your creative juices
They don’t flow, what happens sometimes or when
They are sick or unreliable, can use ghost writers
Other Internet articles or blog on your blogs: provided
The topics are related to your niche business market and
It leaves the content and the biological writers intact.
Many of the information articles or market NIS published in blogs.
and the sites are with copyright, and if it is degreased
pieces of information without recognizing the original
Owners, don’t be surprised if you “quit and lack
Original blog writers emails, and if not.

For more detail click here>>>>

Eliminate the “offensive” or unrecognizable content then
Your blog service provider will be contacted. This can be achieved
Rather, unpleasant, because you will be punished by “the robbery of content!”
Remember that your blog is an information / niche industry.
News related to the blog of small businesses that need credibility.
In the spirit of your readers.
Blog Marketing Strategy # 5: Blog Search Engine Optimization

Blog Search Engine Optimization Tactics (SEO) will not work
If you start your new Niche Blog Marketing Search without a
Sufficient market research. This is the “definite shore of death”.
For any niche marketing blog, with the resulting loss of
Advertise money (especially if you are busy on a limited
Budget) and lost time! Then, before you have a new blog, you
What you need to find out if there is a demand for your products and
Use online research tools as Yahoo! (Overture) Keyword
Selector and WordTracker free and / or pay.
versions – to find out what people are looking for and
To identify profitable niches for your blog creation of income.
tactics. Then use these documents, especially the “Longtail”
Those (more than 3 words or phrases) in their articles, books, etc.,
To get the most important search engines to the index and show you
Blog entries in the results of 10 to 20 Top 10 to 20. People who do online searches with “specific phrases”
They are smarter to buy than those who use more common
Searches continue to work on this look until you are consistent
Type the 10 best organic results for your main keywords!
The traffic of their niche blog sites will rise accordingly as the
Legendary Phoenix of Ancient Egypt – with an incredible
Boost on the sites of your blog, Alexa Rankings and / or Google
Pagerankings at 4, 5, 6, 7 … or more, with perseverance!

Blog Marketing Strategy # 6: Blogs and Silver Pickets

When planning the content management strategies of your blog,
It is very important that you realize that you are ignoring a lot.
Small but important blog points can take you online.
Punishment for blog services. One of those modes of
Punishment is indiscriminate or flagrant use of
Pinging the blog services individually or through metering
Tools (use pingomatic to save time) is a legitimate tactic for
Notify Blog Services such as Technorati and Great Search
Cars like Google, MSN and Yahoo! (Help quickly
Index your blog posts) – when you just update your blog
Content with fresh and unique items. Like the blog pamming (or awesome), using the keyword
Filling and other “black hat tactics”, ping flag
To increase your search or pagerships should be
Avoid by all niche business bloggers if you want
Have an intact business integrity! It won’t be nice
For you and your sites or marketing blogs to get
A thunder, like “Google Slap” by Blade Reduction
or absolute elimination of the main indices of the search engines.
On the other hand, if you accidentally
Error in your SEO strategy blog – when the backlinks are built
By prohibited sources such as link links or other “black hat”
SEO tactics and get “slap” by Google, you need a
“Plan B” already set up to get your blog or internet house
The base-based business goes strong. I will write more about this.
In another article that will soon be published in my blog.
Closing Thoughts:

The “Blog Marketing Tactics” in Part 1 and 2 are
Only iceberg advice from what I use, and more better niche
There are business blogadvies that you can use. The rules
of the world offline “bricks and mortar” also applies in the
Shop “New Economy” Web 2.0 World of Blog Marketing
or small internet business blogs. A violation of these business rules is a certain way to “stunned!”

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