How to file for divorce unilaterally

Divorce is the last option when the conflicts between husband and wife become serious, the common life cannot last, the marriage purpose is not achieved. If the conflict is not serious, you should try to Thủ tục ly hôn đơn phương nhanh nhất
reconcile your life and consider it carefully before making your decision. Toan Long Law provides divorce application form and instructions on how to write a divorce petition…


Currently, many husbands and wives have disagreements in family activities, conflicts become acute, but one of the parties does not want a divorce. Therefore, making the other party feel pressured, depressed, and want to end family life. Unilateral divorce procedures , unilateral divorce application form? Here, Toan Long Law guides you to write a unilateral divorce petition.

Contents that must be included in the application for unilateral divorce : General information of husband and wife; the content of the divorce petition; common subsection; share of common property; joint debt,..

– General information: Name, year of birth, ID card number, date of issue, permanent address of spouse.

– Content: Write down the time of marriage and living together, where do you live, are you currently living together, this part shows the conflict between husband and wife, the cause of the conflict, the reason for the divorce , … make this application to ask the court to resolve the divorce.

– Joint children: If there is a common child, write all information of the common child (name, date of birth, ..), wishes and proposal to raise the child, …. if there is no common child, please write Yes,…

– Shared property : If there is a common property, list all the common property, actual value, proposed division, if there is a dispute, it is necessary to have documents proving that the property is common property. ..if there is no common property write no.

– Shared debt : If you have a common debt, write the entire amount, specifying the debt amount (property or money, who owes it, when the debt will be paid, the time to pay the debt, the documents proving the debt, ..) and the proposed division. debt repayment obligation in the application,…if there is no common debt, write none.

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